Saturday, November 19, 2011


So last year during Christmas time I saw a video from My Pink Stamper about how to make your own glitter ornaments. I decided to make some which turned out awesome! I ended up buying way more glitter and glitter it glue then I really needed so I figured I could try to use it up by making some more this year. I decided to do it a little different this year by making them smaller and I also used chunky glitter instead of fine glitter. Once again they turned out great!

 These are all the supplies I used. Beacon Adhesives makes this awesome water based glue called Glitter-It. I used that along with glitter, clear glass ornaments and a old plastic cup to empty the glue into.

Steps for making them:
1. Make sure the ornaments you are using are clean and dry inside or else the glue and glitter will not coat right.
2. Take off the hanger of the ornament
3. Pour about 1/2 tablespoon amount into your ornament and slowly tilt your ornament so the glue coats the whole inside. When the inside is fully coated you will need to slowly empty the glue into your cup. (While you are doing this make sure you coat the opening of the ornament by turning the ornament slowly like you did above)
4. If the ornament you are using is big enough you can put your ornament into the cup and it will drain by itself. If it is not big enough you can just hold your ornament until all the excess glue drips out of it. 
5. After the excess glue drips out you are ready to put the glitter into your ornament! Put enough glitter into the opening of your ornament so you have enough to coat the inside. Do the same thing as you did above when you are coating with the glue. Slowly turn the ornament so the glitter coats the inside.
6. After you are done with the glitter simply dump the excess out onto a piece of folded paper to recycle your glitter and put the hanger back onto your ornament. No need to let it dry!

Here are my finished products!

This one is my favorite!!!


  1. Super cute! Love them:)Im a new follower hope you stop by and follow me too:)

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  3. Thank you! I am now a follower of you too! Tina- Thank you very much for choosing my blog! I am looking forward to it!

  4. These are awesome. I did that about two years ago and loved them. Yours turn out great. I'm not a follower and would love you to follow me too.

  5. Awesome, Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to check out your blog too!

  6. Awesome Meghan!! Love the sparkle these will look amazing on the tree with lights!!! TY for joining us over at crafty sprouts!!!
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  7. Meg, TFS the directions...I think your ornaments turned out wonderful!