Saturday, January 21, 2012

Heart Crayons

Hello everyone! My college classes just recently started again which means I get to go back to my placement at an elementary school on Monday. The class that I help out with is a first grade class and I basically just go once a week and help out with the students and do anything the teacher needs me too. Like most first grade classes my class is having a Valentines Day party so I wanted to make some really special for them. I was looking around on Pinterest one day and found a really cute idea for rainbow heart crayons...I thought to myself that would be perfect!" So I decided to make them.

Their are about 23 students in my class so I figured I would need a lot of crayons to make the hearts so I went on Ebay and ordered a giant Ziploc bag of used crayons instead of having only one of every color in a 64 pack. I peeled each crayon and put them in a container. I also bought a Wilton Silicone Mini Heart Pan on Amazon.

 After I finished that I started chopping up the crayons...that was starting to take forever so I just snapped them into pieces by hand. 

 When I they were small enough I added them to the pan. The directions on Pinterest did not say any specific way to put the chopped up crayons into the pan so I made sure their were some light colors along with dark colors in each just to make it more of a colorful heart. I set the oven to 235 degrees and put them in for 15 minutes to melt.

I suggest putting the silicone pan on a baking sheet just so its easier to take out of the oven and so the melted wax doesn't spill everywhere.

After I took the pan out their were a few tiny pieces of crayon that did not melt fully so I just pushed the piece into the center of the heart and you couldn't even notice! I decided to take the silicone pan off of the baking sheet and placed it on two gel ice packs to help them cool down faster. After about a half hour they were ready to pop out. This was my final result! I plan to add them onto a Valentines Day card.

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